Which Bubble King skimmer to get?


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Hello fellow reefers!

Looking for a vote between two bubble king skimmers.

I am planning to build a 120 gallon mixed reef with approx. 40 gallon sump. About medium to heavy bio load. After lots and lots of reading and researching I have decided to settle on getting a bubble king skimmer as my main skimmer. I have read the entire "bubble king skimmer club" page on this forum and I am still stuck between the bk double cone 150 or the bk double cone 180.
I've read on reef central that both would work as bubble king's tend to be under rated for what the specs say. I just don't want to get a skimmer that will be either too under powered or way too big. I'm leaning towards the 180 but just wanna make sure that its right for the job. Jeremy (from premium aquatics) said this would be the biggest skimmer he would put on a tank of this size. I would like to have a consistent skim and not worry about an oversized skimmer performing poorly.

Need good advice from actual bubble king owners as I will pull the trigger soon.

PS. I understand that there are other skimmers out there but I am want a BK for sure.

Let me know.