which bulb!?!?!


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i am going to be getting the Lumenarc mini reflector for my almost perfect cube.... however, i because of the size of the reflector i will not be able to use supplemental lighting.... so, what would be a good bulb to go with to give me good color as well as help grow my sps? Should i go with something like the Coralvue reeflux 10k, 12k, Pheonix 14k, or Hamilton 14k? XM 20k is out of the picture..... i want some blue, but not overpowering....thanks for your thoughts.....:)
my vote is hamilton 14k...I like mine and they give fine colour without any supplimintation. I run actinics only in the morning and evening to save power.
hey, is the color too blue? i have heard that the phoenix's run a little whiter than the hammy's.... how is your growth as well? i had 20ks before and thought they were too blue and didnt show off the true colors of the corals...thats why i am a little hesitent towards 14k..what do you think?
I've got the Reeflux 10k bulb and I'm very happy with it. I would say it's a very crisp white. If you want more blue I'd look at the reeflux 12k bulbs.
Check out this site.


Then you can Search Performance Data by Ballast.

I have PFO Mini Pendants with 250-Watt PFO HQI ballast. Based on the performance (PPFD, CCT and Watts) data, 10,000K Ushio, 10,000K HIT (BLV) and 10,000K Geisemann would be good choices. Aqualine Buschke 10,000K would have also been a good choice, but the color is less blue.
yeah, i was looking at either the reeflux 10 or 12k, and im not so much worried about the blue, as i am worried that a 10 k un-supplemented will look yellow... does your 10k reeflux look yellow at all? and also, what ballast are you running to get the crisp white? how is your growth and color? sorry for so many questions....
I'm running them on Icecap ballast and I don't notice any yellow at all. As far as growth, I can't give you a lot of details because I've only been keeping SPS for a very short time. Sorry! in the SPS forum there is a whole thread on the bulb. You might want to check it out.
thanks.... are you just running them on a standard ice cap electronic ballast... i believe they are around 115.00 or so, right?