Which Chiller? (Aqua Logic or Tradewind)


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I need to get a chiller for my 130G tank (total volume 140G). I think a drop in type would be the best for my current setup. I've narrowed it down to either an Aqua Login Trimline Cyclone 1/3HP (LINK) or the TradeWind Super 1/3HP Drop-in (LINK). They are both around the same cost and both look like great quality devices. The one factor that I cannot get around is that I'm limited on the width of the device, it cannot be over 12" wide and around 20 long.

It looks like both of these would be ok with the measurements I need.

So does anyone have opinions and experiece with either of these devices?




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I'm sure both would work fine.

I have dealt with the guy at Tradewind and he is very helpful. They make high quality chillers. I have never seen an AquaLogic chiller, but from the pictures they don't appear to be the "all made in the same factory in China" flavor of chiller so many other companies sell.

I think you have narrowed it down to two good chillers and will be happy with either one. The Tradewind chillers come with Ranco controllers, you might see what the AquaLogics come with.


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I use a 1/4 delta Aqualogic. I can tell they are like a workhorse, mine has been working for five years without interruption, turning on and off every half an hour to every hour. I use the controller that came with the chiller as it is less subject to interference and has a higher capacity than the controller modules. I use the controller as a back up fall safety on it.