Which Eheim to use?


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Hi guys, getting close to the stage where I have to figure out which size holes to have drilled and so I need to finalize my return pump.

I want approximately 200gph to run through my sump and I'd really like to use an Eheim pump. The 1250 is rated at 317gph but the distance from sump to display is ~70 vertical inches and 1 90 degree elbow. Given the 6' 7" delivery head, the RC head loss calculator estimates I'll only receive ~80gph.

Now according to the performance curve for the 1260 that pump (rated 635gph) will run ~300-325gph at my head pressure which really is just much to much. However, I suppose I could dial it back some with a valve.

What would you guys do? Is there another in-sump pump that is just as reliable as the eheims and most importantly, as quiet, that will give me close to me 200gph?