Which fish do you keep with your clams


Hello everybody, I was just wondering which fish do you keep with your clams. Also has there been any problems between fish and clams in your tanks.

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I have a 5inch squamosa that share a tank with a mandin goby, flame hawk, maroon clown, sebae clown and purple tang. Everyone leaves the clam alone.
In my personal tank I keep the following without incident:

2 blue-green chromis
1 yellow psuedochromis
1 foxface
1 blue sided fairy wrasse
2 false prcula clowns
2 kupang damsels
1 copperband butterfly (this can sometimes be a bad fish to mix with clams, use with caution and research)

soon to add 1 6-line wrasse (last one jumped to it's ddom)

Tank is a 240, with 3x400 watt halides and 160 watt actinic
Derasa & Squamosa here

I have a Falco Hawkfish, Watchman Goby, Pyjama Cardinal, & Yellow Tang.

Everything gets along fine, has for close to 2 yrs with present residents.
I've got a T. crocea and a blue-rimmed derasa in with a Coral Beauty, Tomato Clown (but with three stripes - apparently it's a 3 Striped Indian Ocean Clown :confused: ) a Sunrise Dottyback, a Scooter Blenny and a Purple Firefish. No problems so far (touch wood.)
I have a maxima and a couple of squamosas, my fish are:
scopas tang
blue spot rabbitfish
saddleback clowns
gold head sleeper goby
2x horned blennies

I have also kept a firefish, assessor and damsels with the clams with no problems. However I had a midnight angel that nipped at the clams.
With my 5 clams I keep (no problems at all so far):
<ul type=square>
<li>2 occelaris clownfish, Tia and Tango
<li>royal gramma, Meru
<li>yellow tang, Lillith
<li>mandarin, Suki
<li>flame angel, Cinder
<li>sixline wrasse, Sly
<li>copperband butterfly, Zeke
<li>firefish, Phoenix
i keep the following with my 2" squamosa and 1.5" maxima:
  1. 1 pair of ocellaris clowns
  2. 1 sixline wrasse
  3. 2 pairs of H. erectus seahorses

    no problems here except the one time that the max closed on the tail of one of the seahorses. the seahorse was able to get out pretty quickly and nothing like that has happened since (touch wood; hehe, crazy brits!). i'm planning on moving the horses to a tank of their own in the near future though..
5 Maximas with:

Flame Angel
Bangaii Cardinal
Spotted Wrasse
Gold Strip Maroon
Old man's goby
Sail fin goby
2 spot goby
Lawnmower Blenny
A 4" Crocea with :

Yellow Tang
Clarkii Clown
Percula Clown
Pseudochromis Dutoiti
Green Chromis
I have a 4" crocea with:
1 purple tang
1 dwarf lion
1 engineer goby
1 mandarin goby
1 striped dottyback
1 twelve line wrasse
1 royal gramma
2 percula clowns
2 toamato clowns
2 orange tail blue damsels