Which Glue for Rigid PVC to Cell Cast Acrylic


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I am working on building a Sulfur reactor and am using rigid pvc sheet material for the project and using cell cast acrylic tube. Check out http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1266220 for more information.

Anyways.... I choose PVC instead of acrylic for the base and tops since it taps really well and I can easily glue pvc pipe through it compared to acrylic. From my searching here and online it looked like I could use Weld-On 16 for gluing the PVC to Acrylic joints. I did that and it seemed to hold OK. Well today I was doing some machining work on it and the acrylic broke right off the PVC. From looking at the failed joint the Weld-On melted into the Acrylic fine but looks like it just stuck to the surface of the PVC. The surface where the joint broke off of the PVC was still perfectly smooth.

Did I do something wrong or is Weld-on 16 not the right choice? I found an IPS Weld-on guide and it says Weld-On 16 or 40/42 will work for these materials. Before I go out and buy some 40, any ideas? Or should I be in the market for a plastic welding setup instead of trying to glue these two materials together. Thanks!!


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To be honest the best thing would be to weld it.Only thing welding plastic isnt learned overnight,and a decent welder can buy you several brand new reactors.I only say this because I know how to weld plastic, and its a lot different then welding metal.

Your best bet would be to use 40/42 as I have seen really good results with it.I dont think 16 is up for the task,but thats just my opinion.

You could also ask acrylics (James) here on RC for his advice.


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Well after checking out the link you posted,you shouldnt have a problem learning how to weld plastic.By the way sweet shop,reminds me of the shop I had setup in Chicago before someone broke in and wiped me clean.

Anyways good luck with the build.Oh yeah you might want to route a groove for the tubing to sit in,so that you have more bonding surfaces.