which maxspect gyre for 75 gallon mixed reef?


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I know a lot of people have the Gyre model XF150 on 75 gallon and similar tanks, and it's more power than they need. I am wondering if the new smaller model will be enough to be the only powerhead in the tank. I would love to save $70 and have a smaller pump in the tank, but if I am ever wanting more flow, I will be upset.

What do you all think? My initial thoughts are to just go with the big one.


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150 to much for 75. Got the 130 on a 150 & at full power circulates entire tank & is quieter then a mp40 at 50%. Save your 70 bux


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I run the 150 on my 30"x30" 93g cube. I'm experimenting with 10-30% flow capacity. It's working great and is whisper quiet.

I was holding out for the release of the 130 until my LFS demoed it on a few of his smaller (under 50g) tanks. He then agreed that the 150 was the way to go for my tank.

Id rather run the 150 with no noise at 20% (and be able to go higher if needed) than push the 130