Which MH bulbs are better SE or DE!


i like se because there are more bulb choice it seems. they don't need a UV glass because the outer bulb is the UV glass


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DE are nice because they make small enclosures for them. I personally run SE because space is not an issue and it was easier to do a retro fit kit with the SE bulbs.


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I have 3 250 watt SE on my 150 and 2 175 watt DE on my 75. I like both of them. The SE are nice that you don't need uv protection the DE are smaller. IMO a tough call unless you want to use a particular bulb that isn't made in the SE or DE version.


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i have used both and i think that the DE puts out better lighting. the SE are good lighting, but just takes up a lot of space also.


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Hmmmm... so it just comes down to size and space occupied only! None of you noticed any difference in output, growth! I am planning to use reeflux 250W bulbs and debating for reflectors! DE has just parabolic reflector but SE has several choices like lumenarc mini/lumenbright!

Any suggestions!



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Reflectors are more the Key than SE vs DE.

I had DE Phoenix 14k with Hamilton reefstar reflectors.

I switched to SE Radium with Lumenarc reflector. huge difference the growth with the SE combo has been much better.

Plus the Radium 20K only come in SE, That would sell me alone on SE