Which of these blennies is less aggressive?


So my choice of a blenny for my reef tank has been narrowed down to a Starry Blenny and a Bicolor Blenny, with the Starry being my first choice by far. I know the Starry is the better algae eater by far out of the two, but my main concern is which one of the two blennies is less aggressive towards fish like Dartfish (I plan to keep a Scissortail, Blue Gudgeon, and Purple Firefish, one of each) and a shrimp and goby pair.

The Lawnmower's been dropped from my list as they look dull and they're more finicky compared to their more omnivorous cousins the Starry Blenny, as numerous people have told me.

Which one of these two blennies is the less aggressive towards more passive fish like shrimp gobies and Dartfish? Will they hurt a Pistol Shrimp, either a Randall's or a Tiger Pistol?



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Blennies generally mind their own business. Dartfish, however, attack each other, and then commit suicide by finding a way through the slots that lead to the downflow box. And they jump. Pretty, but extremely hard to keep aiive.


I see. Are they otherwise hard to feed and keep? I mean for the Dartfish. I do plan on introducing them as among the first fish due to their skittishness and I'll be having an enclosed canopy over my tank. Would that be okay for them?