which one of these skimmers are the best for my 100g system?


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Euro-Reef CS6-2 (Sedra 5000 needlewheel)

ETSS Evolution 500 (Sedra 9000)

ETSS Reef Devil (Rio 2500)

For a 100g system (75g and 25g sump) with medium stock of fish and coral.

Any of these can be use external?
Pro and Con?


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I don't know about the Sedra pump but the Genx 4100 that came with my Euro-reef RS180 sounded like a train in my living room. Had to spend another $125 to upgrade to their Eheim 1262.


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Of the ones that you have listed I like the ETSS evolution 500 the best. For around the same in cost (assuming new) I would get a DAS EX-2 from protein-skimmer.com for around $400, a much better unit.