Which Radion profile is best with T-5s?


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Setup up a new SCA 50 cube tank, running mostly LPS and a few /softies at the moment.
For lighting hanging 12” above the waterline, I got a Aqualife t-5 hybrid with 4 24W 24” ATI T5 Blue Plus
and a Radion 15W for the LED.

I’m using the Ecotech profile “Coral Lab” and sub-profile LPS/Softies. Intensity is currently at 50%

The corals came from another larger tank that had multiple radions on the same sub-profile but no T-5s.

For about two months now I’ve been running 2 of the t-5s slowly ramping up, now up to 3 hours a day. And I’m slowly dropping the intensity on the Radion.

My question is I don’t know which EcoSmart profile is best considering that I also am running T-5s. Also looking for others guess as to what intensity on the Radion. I’m thinking when I get the full 4 t-5s running that I will also run the Radion at about 35% max intensity. That seem about, right?