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Ok getting things together but not ready yet still doing homework. I'm curious which sea salt to get and price isn't an issue when you're talking 12-18 dollars difference. What I have available to me locally is Instant Ocean, Top Fin and a shop not far has IO, H2 Ocean Pro+ and Crystal Sea Marine. Which of these are best and why or feel free to recommend something else as I can run states side easy and gives me a reason to shop elsewhere. All help is really appreciated. I should say I did search and seen nothing positive about top fin so its basically out.



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You are going to get 1000's of different answers to this question. There is a poll thread there on RC that I would suggest looking at. It comes down to a few things in my opinion:
1. What are you going to keep in the system? Coral or just fish etc.
- regular salts are ok for fish, but its really good to get a reef special salt for coral systems
2. What is available to you locally?
- you already provided, but salt is heavy and costs money to ship. I get it locally only
3. How much money are you willing to pay?
- I think this is probably the least important of the 3

I personally use IO reef crystals. I can get it locally in Oklahoma City for a SUPER good price and its generally pretty good salt. When it comes to brand, there are many and most provide a perfectly acceptable product. That said, when in the business of mixing vast quantities of salt it is not surprising that from time to time a non-homogeneous mixture happens and one gets a bucket of salt with a parameter out of wack. Another suggestion I would have is to get the 5g buckets of salt for a while, no smaller quantity, and after you have a large collection of buckets for general aquarium use, go with larger quantities (like boxes of bags). Hope this helps


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I plan to have both in my 90g. I have to travel an hour to get anything decent. I looked and they carry the following for reef
I/O reef crystals
Tropic Marin Reef Pro


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Like Dolmo5000 said everyone will have a different answer, but here's my two cents. I've used a few different salts, and for the most part (couple exceptions) the only difference was the cost. I pretty much use I/O Reef Crystals and have been happy with the results. As for having to buy local, I never buy salt local. I buy my salt from:


The shipping is FREE on all orders over $49. I just buy the 200 gal box of Reef Crystals. It normally arrives within 2 or 3 days.

Happy Reefing


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I would just go with regular Instant Ocean. Really not too much of a difference between salt brands. I used to use reef crystals, but didn't like the super high alk and added price.