Which Seios for a 180 mixed reef


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Im planning on reconverting my 180 fowlr to a mixed reef again. Im intersted in going with dual seios, one on each end of the tank. Which models do you think I should go with?


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I help maintain a 220 gal at my church. That tank is equipped with two M1500 on a Seio controller and two M820 that run continually. I like it because the general flow pattern changes when the 1500s throttle down, since the 820s begin to push more flow.

The only problem I have is keeping the sand from blowing around.

One thing though, you will definitely have to invest in a magnet mount unless you have a European tank.


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good pump,but to damn big. I just got rid of my 2 2600 and replaced the with 2 maxi mods. side by side the maxis seemed to push more

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im running two seio 2600's in my 100 gallon sps reef with no problems, i even have a two inch sandbed that does'nt get blown around...


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I run 2 1500's in my 180 reef on a controller and have a little problem with my sand bed blowing around. No big deal, I just move it back every couple of weeks. Those 2 pumps give me a lot of water movement.