Which Tabling Acro is the Nicest?


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If you got pics of Some nice Table Arco's let see them. Both wild and Aquacultured. I saw A talbe acro about 15" across in a LFS that just came in from L.A. and it looked sweet.

Center was white,
Branches blue,
Tips Deep Purple.

What Other Color Combos look nice!

Show them off!!

My personal favorite...

A. tutielensis

My favorites are probably lokani, caroliniana or a nice granulosa. I really like the growth form on the deeper water acros. There have been some really nice pink with blue tip hyacinthus (or so they say that is what they are) that look great in pics, I have not seen them in person yet though.

That's nice
Pi, I love the colors you get in your tank. It looks a little like the Japanese tanks you see with dozens of different lights over them