Which would you choose out of these 2 MH setups?


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Starting to narrow down my choices. The tank is a 180 (72x24x24). Which setup would you choose?

Option 1:
3 CoralVue L3 Large Reflectors (Lumenarc copy)
3 CoralVue 250 watt Electronic MH Ballasts
3 Reeflux 250 12k SE lamps

Option 2:
3 CoralVue Stealth Lumen Arc DE Pendants (Lumenarc copy)
3 PFO 250 watt HQI MH Ballasts
3 Phoenix 250 watt 14k DE lamps

Am I going to see a difference in coverage, PAR, color with these two setups? Any thoughts?


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Option 2 FTW

I'm about to buy almost that same thing. But i plan on buying the ROIII pendants with mine.


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How about this setup....

3 Lumenarc III (large reflector) SE
3 PFO HQI MH ballast
3 Reeflux 10K lamps
With the new Reeflux 10K bulb on HQI ballast, you will get good par reading, Crisp white with Tint of blue spectrum. You don't even need VHO suppliment. I'm using 2x400w HQI ballast with 2x 10K reeflux and 2 lumenarc III on my 4x4 cube and i have great coverage, nice color spectrum. The corals respond very well.


Team RC
Oh great, more options! :lol: REEFER714, your input is always appreciated. Are the pics in your gallery updated with this lighting? Thanks.


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Are you saying i am being nosy :) ? You will not regrets with PFO HQI. Because you can run any bulb SE or DE.