white blotches on juvenile queen angel (PICS)


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Queen angel is about 2in long. Eats well (frozen, pellet, nori), is very active.

Are these white blotches parts of the changing process? I've read that angels get white blotches when they're stressed. My water parameters are good and there really aren't any fish in my tank that stress this fish.



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the white blotches are indications of stress. they are more obvious on certain types of angels such as emperor and queen. the spots should go away once the stress factor is removed.

how big is the tank and how long has the angel been in there? was it quarantined and treated for disease if any? what other fish are in the tank? when did the spots first appear? any fast breathing or twitching?

I don't expect a typical queen angel to start changing at 2". that usually happens around 4-5".


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Yeah, probably stress related. its quite common with many fish. How long have you had this guy? Was he in a QT, as sandwi54 mentioned? A QT is a much better way to get a new fish used to tank life than just dumping in into the main tank---so "stress'' time is usually shortened. A QT is not just for parasites. How's he eating? that's often a true indicator of stress level. ("Stress" is still the most over-used term in our hobby, IMO)