White percipitate?

Bill Nye

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As many people do, I use the 35 gallon grey brute trash barrel with a pump and a heater as my mixing container. I usually use up all the water then add more to it but this time I had a weird amount left so I decided to make more water than add salt to it. This was all well and good for a couple weeks and I used the water to make my weekly changes.

I go into the bucket this week to do my water change and notice that there is white precipitate all over the bottom of the bucket and the pump/heater. I read online this is most likely calcium carbonate but I am unsure why it happened all of a sudden.

I checked the alk calc and mag for the mixing water and it was 10 kH, 400 calc, 1280 mag. So it seems that my levels have dropped slightly from what the typical ones are for Reef crystals but overall not much impact.

Can I still use this water?


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Yeah, it's fine. Sometimes a little precipitates out. Was the water warm?

Salt mixes better at cooler temps.