White spots on Live Rock


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Hello All,

I need aome serious help ): i have been running my salt water cycling since a month. Water parameters everything seems to be good. However, over a night when i woke up to see my tank i saw white fluffy spots and coral turning black. I have attached a image of it. I will will glad of someone could tell me what that is! I'm a beginner. Need help folks.



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i dont know what it is. but on a new tank. rocks do and will change colors as new algae will grow on it and old one die off


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Any chance you could do a close up macro pic of the rock? Kind of looks like white sponges if it is there would be tubes at the end facing out. They can appear & grow quickly if the water has a high food content for filter feeding.


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Can you tell us a bit about you setup
Including age?
I saw a month on your post with coral?
Am I understanding this correctly?

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