Who has had success with pulling GFO/Carbon offline to resolve STN?


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Just as it says...who has also pulled gfo/stn and SUCCESSFULLY stopped STN by doing so?
Did u restart with no problems?
Was it a new tank (<1 year).
Other variables u may have noticed?
Did u go back online with it since?
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Update: I resolved issue by doing two things at once...
1) pulled GFO and Carbon offline.
2) did 100% water change over 1-2 week period.

So, I do not know what the fix was for sure. But it worked and has been fixed now since mid March. All growth is great.

Other details, I used dry macro rock and seeded with minimal live sand/rock. Maybe it takes longer for the tank to mature or build up nutrient base. Just some thoughts.


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any sudden change can trigger an stn event. it seems alk swings are a major factor along with rapid changes in phos. most likely it is not the carbon causing the issue , most likey the gfo.

i recently started vinegar dosing. i think i started with too high of a dose. noticed stn on my purple nana. had to cut way back on the dose. i may even stop.

the key is to make small changes with any type of chemical media.