Who has the highest tds reading?


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Akron water sucks, I work in Kent and tested their water. It was around 80 if I am not mistaken. It has been a while so not sure, I know it is way lower than Akron water.
i live in willowick and the supply going into my ro/di before any filters reads 113. thankfully coming out of my unit is a 0 :)


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930 from my well.
Nice!!! I only get 530 out of my well in Hudson.


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Mine is somewhere around 275. The question is who has the highest TDS on the output, LOL.

I honestly have been running ~12-15 for a year and a half with no ill side effects.


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When I lived at my parents place the TDS out of the tap was 230 or so and I didn't filter it. There were no difficulties at all. It all depends on what those charged particles are. If they are stuff like Ca++, it's not a big deal however I could certainly see the situation being different if the ions were copper or something.

At the greenhouse, the purification system takes the 900+ TDS all the way down to 3.5.


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I posted this before but here is the inside of an old Akron water main.



Its a water main in the middle of the city off of Maple by the Sea Cave. I actually have seen worse such as a 12" main with 1" of open space for flow. Makes you think when you pour a glass of water :)


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are sure that is not a new akron water main... when i lived in little italy in cleveland we had WOOD mains that were over 100 years old and one broke (was how the city found out)... the water tasted terrible you could barely see through a glass of it and i am sure the tds would have been over 1000


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are sure that is not a new akron water main...

Boy I hope not :)..... Akron has a few wooden mains still. I haven't seen any removed but I have heard that other than sediment they are in good shape.

Maybe that little Italy water is the secret ingredient to the sauce....