Who wants her? Only in bay area

Jared Cooper

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Hi everyone
I am giving away my mantis to anyone in the Bay Area who wants to come to Petaluma and get her. Yep, she's the one that got stuck in the bulkhead, but she is perfectly healthy. She's a female S.O. (peacock). I want to her to move out so that I can better establish my refugium. I'd meet someone in San Francisco if they pay me or if they trade me something for it.
Email me
Here's a pic:
She is still up for grabs to anyone in the bay area. If no one from the bay area responds within a week, she'll go to maniac13 (Bob).
I'm in Los Gatos but am not sure when I can get up there. I have a 7 gallon set up that I've been hoping to get a mantis for.
I've decided 7 gallons is too small for her. I see your refugium is a 30 gallon and she's pretty big. I think I'll find another use for my little tank.

Thanks for putting her up for adoption though.
Doh!!! Too late! I've been looking for a nice peacock and I'm in the BA... *sigh* got another one to sell???