Why wouldn't this work?


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I'm trying to get better flow in my tank and I had this idea... Could I take a 3' piece of pvc, drill a couple holes in it at assorted angles and put a maxi jet 1200 on either side of the tube to create a high flow spray bar? Would the pressure buildup cause damage to the powerheads or would it be more like head loss?


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Yes a spray bar would give a better flow, but I think you need a much stronger pump. Search "spray bar" in equipment forum--you need to mount it far enough under water to avoid vortices and micro-bubbles.

Craig Lambert

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As far as flow in your tank goes I would think you would be better off placing the two maxijets in the tank without the spray bar in between them. The distance between the two, and the pressure needed to force water through the holes will result in lower flow than to maxijets working independently in the tank.