wife of Dan needs help quickly :)


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so we have a branch down across our wires, RGE is on their way (they were smoking!) and will likely turn the power off for a while. I cannot get a hold of hubby as he's golfing (!) and won't answer his phone. What do I have to do for this tank?

Thanks, you guys are the best!



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Oh geez...I would power everything down right before they kill power..other than that, Dan won't be golfing much longer. Just leave it be.


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okay thanks :) I just hope they let him down the street! They have our road blocked off and aren't letting any one come or go. I'm not allowed to leave at the moment....


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I have a 75G and we had a 1.5 hour power outage once. All I did was stir the water with a wooden spoon every 1/2 hour just to break the top of the water to release the gases. Everything was fine.

Send him a txt about it he might read that.



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Dan, that woman is a real keeper. I can't believe she was thinking about your tank at a time like that.


Husband of Wife of Dan is back and all is well. Golfing on the other hand kinda sucked...;)

I can not imagine trying to hit a ball today. It goes straight then gets blown the heck right...haha. Happy everything is doing ok and nobody was hurt.

Nice job Dan's wife. Looks like she deserves a nice dinner and a movie for saving your tank.:p


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She's a keeper all right. Yeah, she was worried because at one point they were going to turn the power off, but they never did.

I had a shot last night that was headed for the corn field, but curved back and landed in the middle of the fairway, it was crazy - I think there were at least 40mph winds, probably 50mph gusts.