Will a coral banded shrimp hurt or kill a skunk cleaner shrimp?


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I was wondering the chances that a coral banded shrimp of a medium size would hurt a medium sized skunk cleaner shrimp. Anyone know the chances??


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Depends on the tank size. I have a pair of CBS and a cleaner in my 120 and they don't bother one another.


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I had them to together in my 185, they found their own space and did not venture into the others.

I no longer keep CBS as they serve no purpose unlike the cleaners and I found that the CBS hid most of the time so I did not even get to watch him.


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I have had my CBS in with about 4 different types of shrimp (sexy, cleaner, fire, harlequin) and never once did he bother any of them. The CBS is the oldest creature in the tank about 5 years and the most I have ever seen him do is raise his claws at the clowns if they get to close.

They tend to hold there own, but IMO I don't think they will go out of there way to kill another shrimp. Maybe I am lucky but thats what I have seen with mine.