will a normal house hold lamp grow microalge?

yamaha racer

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im poor is pretty much my excuse and i was wondering is a normal 60w light work for growing micro alge?


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Mmm, you probably mean 'macro algae'. Go to Melev's reef site and check out his solution to fuge lights on a budget. He knows everything. :D

yamaha racer

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ya i know about his lights but i live out in the boons and dont have a lisence and the nearest home depot is about an hour and a half away i was just worndering if a house hold bulb can grow it


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yeh i used one but it blew up from being left on for 5 days straight..... so maybe just run it at night????


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You can use a shop light with flourescent bulbs if your strapped for cash. Can pick one up for $20 and it will last for along time. Double tube shop light with a 110 plug allready on it is the cheapest way Ive seen. 2 55w bright white GE bulbs will grow just about anything.
You can even get an aqua coral bulb and throw in one side and it will give ya alittle actininc effect. Just a suggestion but I know this to work for a simple fuge setup or a supplemental hard ship light til money prevails and you can get something better.