Will a Rose Bubble Tip host a Percula Clown?


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I have a Percula and I have an opportunity of acquiring a beautiful dark RBTA. However, I don't want to purchase unless there is an opportunity of the RBTA hosting the Percula.

Thanks in advance for your responses!


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There is never a guarantee. Clowns associate according to their own personal preference.

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It is hit or miss for the anemone to host any clown including the ones it naturally hosts in the wild. Clowns, captive bred or not, have the instinct to be hosted whether it is an anemone or not. Percula's aren't a natual hostee of RBTA's but it has been done before. Some people think that putting a picture on the tank of perculas living in a BTA help, so you could try that. But remember that it is hit or miss with any clown.


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Rose Bubbles?

Rose Bubbles?

Bubbles are one of the anenomes that you will have the best chaces with and one of the easiest to care for. Your set-up should be 6 months old or more.Good Luck!!!:bounce2:


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I've had a lot of luck "herding" my clowns into my anemone with my hands. Try to put the anemone toward one side of the tank to make things easier. The clowns will learn to associate retreating into the anemone when feeling threatened. They'll slowly build up their slime to build up its immunity to it. It took me 3 days :) Just a feel minutes here and there.

This technique also worked for my friend. Limited sample size but 2 for 2 aint bad :)