Will Haddoni eat cleaner shrimp?


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Still trying to figure out which nem to put with my pair of saddlebacks. Looking at Haddoni but I have a nice pair of blood red cleaner shrimp that I really like. Will the carpet eat the cleaner shrimp?


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Cleaner shrimp are usually very good with anemones. At least I haven't lost a single one to my giganteas despite their habit of trying to steal food out of them.
With a haddoni I would be more concerned with fish getting caught and eaten.

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I have seen cleaner shrimp walk on Haddoni and Gigantea carpet without been eaten. However if the tentacles touch the body of the shrimp, he is history.

After seen these happened, IMO,I think being small and have armored, the anemone cannot stick enough to the legs and the shrimp can break free. The body of the shrimp is another mater. The larger surface area mean the anemone can really put enough stinger harpoon to the body shell. While the stingers do not harm the shrimp, unable to escape and eventually got drag to the mouth will kill the shrimp.


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Thanks for the comments guys. I think I am going to get the Haddoni. Not now I still have some equipment to buy and research to do but I really like the look of them and they would go perfect with my saddlebacks.

Question: For an anemone tank do I need to supplement anything like Calcium/alkalinity? I would imagine not?


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Depends on size of tank and maintenance routine, but generally, no. Most cases water changes will replenish what they need.

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My Magnifica had my cleaner by one of his antennas recently. He managed to pull away after a struggle. I was rooting for the mag.