Will hanging my frag pendant 4" away from my DT glass be a problem?


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I've built the stand for my new frag setup and I've been searching for great deals on lighting. I'm now stuck between 150/250 watts. Tank will have a 12" water depth.

I have two questions - how high off the surface would the 150 & or the 250 need to be?

Would hanging the halides this close to my current DT be a problem? Probably 4" away from the DT glass. The new frag tank will sit on the small stand to the right of my DT. See below for image.

I'm leaning toward a Lumen Max 3 reflector and an IceCap ballast.




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I think you will be fine. I would go lumenmax 3, a 250w, your icecap, and probably something along the lines of a radium 20k.