Will the mogul in this HPS fixture fit a 250w MH?


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I was wondering if the mogul bases for the HPS and for MH are the same and if I could buy this fixture, sell the ballast and bulbs, and put in aquarium appropriate lighting (i have new icecap 250w ballasts I could put in them.


Is anyone familiar with HPS and if the socket and reflector size are likely to fit a MH bulb?

I guess furthermore what would you think that I could sell those ballasts and bulbs for if anyone is familiar with that market? The seller says $75-100


Stoney G

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Mogul HPS lamps do use the same socket as MH lamps (5KV Mogul) but I think the fixture you are looking at uses medium base HPS lamps. Maybe you could ask them if the sockets look like a standard lamp socket or much bigger.


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The scokets should b the same. I have recycled plenty of scokets from old lights. and $75 to $100 for HPS bulbs and ballast sounds fair for brand new. just make sure. 150w HPS bulbs do come in different base sizes. and if not or worried you can get 250w mogul base scokets and DIY.


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A Mogul base is a Mogul base and a Medium base is a Medium base regardless of technology. Unless Stoney and I missed something, the above fixture is a 150W Med base so a 250W Mogul bulb won't fit in the socket.

Here's where you may run into an issue- if we are reading correctly and the above fixture is currently 150W HPS you may run into clearance and heat issues by upgrading it to 250W halide. The 250W bulbs may not fit at all (due to physical bulb size) and if they do they may be so close to the reflector that A) efficiency is decreased B) bulb life is decreased due to excessive heat and C) excessive heat may damage the fixture / melt the insulation on the wiring.