Willing to buy coral's...


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Hi there... My well established 110gl. reef system crashed about six weeks ago due to unforseen dangers (Paint fumes etc.) (Pout)... I now have the tank up and running, cycled, and ready for coral... Does anyone have anything they would like to part with...

At this moment in time I can't be picky, so any reasonable sales offer will be very much so appreciated... Even if you have any "pesky" coral's, I'll drive out to you for them...

Again, many thanks, Jenn


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That would be wonderful red... How do I go about this? I am new to the forum, and don't want to be a nuisance...


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I would like to thank the people that have responded so far... (Grinning)... I am going to have a TON of GSP... I LOVE GSP! I am so excited... This is the first time I have had a smile on my face regarding my tank in over a month...


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I have some rock with blue green mushrooms covered and looks really cool (some of my display rock that I'm parting with for my move), some purple tipped monti cap frags, pulsing xenia, zoo frags, and gsp but you have that already! PM me and I'll help you too.



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i dont have a pic but they are like these

15 buck about 30 polyps or so. also some shrooms and what not. a toadstool also, click on my red house and lmk if you like anything.

jake :D


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Yes you did chit!... How's that elegance?

Did I come by and help you get your tank back up? I work for GoFish.