Wireless ethernet adapter for old Apexes


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Just wanted to toss this out there for folks looking for a wireless ethernet adapter solution for the older Apex units.

In the past the ol' Netgear WNCE2001 was the standard go-to for making the Apex a wireless device. After all these years, mine started getting a little wonky so I looked for a replacement. Hard to find something "modern" for this application... when everything these days has built-in wifi!

tp-link has a great little solution, and it's not entirely obvious what all it does because they advertise it as a router.

Model number is TL-WR902AC. $40 at most places.


It's a nice little pocket-sized thing, that pulls quadruple duty as a router, ap, extender, or an adapter (client).

Just wanted to put that option out there for everyone. So far, it's trouble-free... but it's only been on for 6 hours! :)