Wiring a Power Supply to 5" Fans


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I've got this DIY power supply:

Input 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.4A / Output DC12V/1.5A

And three 5" fans with these ratings:

DC12V 0.45A

Is this combo going to work or will I need a bigger power supply?

And what is the best method to wire them up? Just solder the three fans directly to the power supply wires?



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It will work just fine, just wire the fans in parallel to the power supply.
So in simple terms one wire wire from each fan to one wire on the power supply spliced together, and the other wire from each fan to the other wire on the power supply spliced together.


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If the fans draw 0.45 amps and you have 5 of them, that's 2.25 amps. The power supply puts out 1.5 amps.


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The blue wire is to measure fan speed so you can control the speed of the fan by varying the voltage. It is not for a thermostat to turn the fan on and off.

But yes your powersupply will work fine. You are pushing the limits of the powersupply by running at 90% of max, but it should not cause any problems.