wiring diagram electrical help


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i found a couple old ballast i orderd a few years back and i want to help supplement the light over a future tank. the only thing is i cannot find the wiring diagrams and it is a no name ballast. the only thing on the ballast is this sticker
2x96w 120v

the quick connects are


any help would be appreciated. still searching the net and havent come across anything that helps


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it should be

the red and the blues are the same

the orange and the yellows are the same

meaning on 1 of the tombstones connect a red on 1 pin and a yellow on the other for each side

then on the other 1 blue and 1 orange on each side of the fixture

and you should be fine....

usually this can be found on the ballast....if you have any other 2 lamp ballast you can look at the diagram on it (like garage strip fixtures)


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so each end cap should have one of each color wire? or say 2reds and blues to one end cap and 2 oranges and yellows to the other?