wiring help please


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I just purchased 3 ice cap 250w mh retro kits and have no wiring experience.

does anyone have pic's of how everything is connected? Do I just connect the wires using pigtails?

Is the green/yellow wire supposed to connect to the plug wire...why does it have a round connection thing instead of just the wires, how do I connect that? also the instructions say to attach a ground wire from the ballast to the fixture (which is not supplied) what wire do I use for that and how do I attach it?



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I don't like pigtails for wiring up power cords, I prefer to solder and shrink wrap the connections. Less likely to ever come loose that way.

On my icecap 250s, the black and white (hot & neutral) connect to the AC plug, and the ground wire is terminated at a screw on the ballast.

The blue and yellow wires drive the bulb, and I have them connected to a PFO adapter plug (I use PFO mini pendant). The PFO plug has a green ground wire, which is also connected to a screw on the ballast housing. I don't remember having any round connectors on my wires, but it's been a while since I put them together.


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I agree, however if you dont have the equipment to do so, pigtails are fine just situate them so you can get a nice clean wrap of electrical tape over the whole thing. Kind of stack the pigtails in such a way that the connections arent stressed and are stacked along the wire then wrap it.


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the plug it came w/ has three wires black, white, and green; what do I attach to the green, ground wire?