Wish me luck


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Well... The inevitable happened today and I am on the hunt for a new career. Luckily it was a mutual parting of ways and I left with a check for one months salary and a good reference. My (former) boss walked down to my car with me and told me if I get into a bind in the next couple of months not to hesitate calling. So all and all it is a good thing. I have already gone and spoken to Andy at Pet's Inc and it looks like I might be starting there. I paid most of my bills through the end of April and I will pay the rest for the same period in the next couple of days. So I have a bit of a cushion.

The thought of getting out of the hobby has not even crossed my mind, but if push comes to shove I might downsize for awhile. We will see what happens.

I have been in sales for the last 3 years and in customer service for my entire life before that so if any of you fellow reefers out there know of anyone looking I am all ears.


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Hey Jeremy,

Well I understand that one all too well.

Let me know if you need some help with any thing or feel like grabbing lunch one day. I am usually free. (Not this week but usually)

It will all be ok. I can say that every time I have been laid off I found something better that paid more. So here is hoping that you have the same luck.



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When one door closes, another one typically does too, LOLOLOL
Naw, good luck and find something that is worth waking up in the morning for!


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I've seen you bounce off of sand pretty well, so I am pretty sure you will bounce back from this too! You'll have to have lunch with me sometime depending on your hours. I'll come by Pets Inc to visit.

It could be worse, you could be on fire (literally). :D


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I wish you luck. At least your not at the mercy of some other person (like me) who is losing there job as well and they are supposed to be my main point of contact for my situation.


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Jeremy, all will be well, sir.

Since you you have lunch covered, I'll drag you out to dinner.

Don't downsize, we can keep you in salt, food, test kits and Kalc !

Hey, wait a minute ? All of your bills paid through April ? You are filthy stinkin rich ! lol


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Good luck with what ever you decide to do. Also if you start working at Pets Inc and like Italian food go to Capistrano's Italian Deli for lunch.


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Jeremy Man I feel your pain. althou keep your head up man. and besides you can't down size you just got that tank set up. I'd hate to see you do it. besides you still got my frags... lol. and your got alot of things going for you. Hey atlest no one tried to kid napp your kid. any way dude you'll be fine. give me a call if you need any one to talk to.


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Sorry to hear that. Knowing you you'll be someplace bigger and better. I'm also pretty close to Pet's Inc so maybe a few of us can meet up for lunch. And you are not paying.


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Darlene I think one of the reasons I am ok with all of this is because I did not burn a bridge. They made it very clear that if I or any of my friends (that means every one of you) need or want diamonds at wholesale all I have to do is call. SO don't hesitate to ask and I will set an appointment.

Ryan I don't think I am going to be downsizing anytime soon. There have been enough people saying that if push comes to shove they would help a fellla out.

Phil I will take you up on that lunch my friend. I think you are right about the bigger and better thing.

I did not mention above but I also found a new church I am eager to check out on Sunday if I am back from Mexico with Bahabum in time. If I am not back in time I will be there on the following Wednesday.

There are a couple of irons in the fire right now that have potential so I am happy. It is going to be a long long journey, but I am young and I have a great support group (you all) so I am going to to follow my heart.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=9223421#post9223421 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by aztbs

It could be worse, you could be on fire (literally). :D

Hey, that's my line! My Wife is stealing my favorite line. What is the world coming to?

Sorry to hear about your job change/ search. You'll find something quick and have fun with it. Let me know if you need anything.


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luck be with you! I vote that you buy the Cardinals--god knows they need a new owner.

Group buy anyone???