Would a clown trigger be ok with...


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niger trigger
blue throat trigger
rectagular trigger
snowflake eel
rainbow wrasse
koran angel
sailfin tang

I looking at getting a small clown trigger. My tank is a 210gal. Would it be any problem?



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Not for the Clown Triggerfish. His tankmates might have a problem once he grows and becomes aggresively assertive, like most do. Also, at adult sizes, that fish list is a heavy load (even before adding another 18 in. fish.) for a 210.


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well i have some of your listed fish with my clown trigger

clown (gold striped maroon clown)
sailfin tang (and a powder brown)
asfur angel (korans cousin)
and some mollies

the clowntrigger, sailfin and afur are all 3 close to each other in size with the sailfin being the biggest @ about 9 inches and the asfur being the smallest @ about 6 inches

the clown trigger dosent even pay any attention to the mollies