Would like input with this gigantea anemone


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I've had this anemone for a few months now. When I bought it I planned to set up a hospital tank and treat it as it wasn't sticky and was face down, I rolled the dice on it.

Long story short it started to look much better just while drip acclimating it to my tank so I did not treat and added it to my display. Since then it's kind of been stagnant so I'd like to get opinions on coloration and overall health. Basically should I attempt to get it out of this rock and treat it with antibiotics?

Here is what it looks like currently, about 30 minutes before lights out:

I don't really see it do the deflate inflate cycle I read about with bacterial infections, honestly it always just kind of looks like this. My clowns have grown at a very fast rate so I'm not sure if they are just too large for the small, 3" gigantea or if this is just a stressed anemone.

Tank info:
8.3 DKH
450 calcium
1450-1500 magnesium
trace elements tracked by ATI ICP

Lighting, just about directly under a 250w hamilton 14k halide. 10" off water in a 16" deep tank with XHO supplementation. Tank is very stable.

It's recessed in a hole in the rock, I see clowns carry food pieces towards it but haven't witnessed it eat. I haven't fed it personally.

Is this a color morph of gigantea or just a bleached green variety?
Does that mouth look normal? It doesn't appear to gape, not sure what that crud is by it's mouth.
Can aiptasia be problematic for a gig? I see one in that hole in the picture.

Thanks for any help.