would you replace 300 with 320 regular glass?


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i have a custom 300 gallon tank 96x24x30 currently running made out of 3/4 " acrylic with a custom cabinet the i pay significant amount to match my current kitchen and cabinetry in the house.i just move last year so i consolidate all of my tank to one, this was my fish only set up that was not really meant for a sps reef tank unlike my old cube. there just 2 things that bother's me with my current tank its too tall especially with the custom cabinetry with more than 6' from the ground and the acrylic scratch so easily with SPS tank.i find a guy that will sell his never been use 320 gallon tank 96x32x24 perfect for reef made out of glass for only 700,i like glass better the starphire because of low iron means more likely to scratch.i was measuring the custom cabinet see if i can modify it and can cut 5" on the top to still matches my other cabinet height to accommodate the possible replacement for my current 300 to 320 . i also need to cut and frame the wall to my formal living room.and also it will be to viewing area but i have to get a custom cabinet again for the formal dining room side .as of now i am not fully convinced about this possible trade. what do you guys think?
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broke but happy
glass will be a great reef tank because it is rimless no wasted light
no more scratch/ less scratch
easy to reach
better landscaping because its wider
it will be dual viewing side

will be expensive to remodel almost everything
i might risk killing some of my SPS colony
it will not be as clear as acrylic
most of all this much work just for 20 gallons


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20 gallons is not worth it at all.

if you are going to increased the size of a 300, make it worth it, specially if you are going to have to fix the cabinetry.


good luck