Wow I can't believe the time is here to start my 295 gal. HELP ME!


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Well my order for a 295 gal tank was put in today to Deep Sea Aquatics. Which is the former custom tank makers for Oceanic when they were still in Dallas before joining forces with All Glass. It will be a 72" long x 30" front to back x 31.5" high with stainless steel frame for a total of 295 gallons. I plan on having this tank as an in wall tank with a 4' x 12' foot closet behind it. One end of the closet is bullnosed due to a curved wall, so a little bit on space taken out. On the other side I have a sink and plumbing for making cleaning easier.

I am in the process of trying to plan out everything. I need to figure out skimmer, sump design, lighting, water change automation, top off automation, cooling, venting humidity, and the big hole in the wall. I plan on running this tank as a mixed reef with mostly lps and sps.

The tank will have 2 corner overflows each with a 1.5" drain and 2 1" returns. I am planning on running a sequence barracuda that does I think 4600 gph to the 4 returns through an oceans motions 4 way device. How does that sound? Instead of a close loop I plan on doing 2 or 3 vortech pumps on their unreleased "coming soon" controller.

For right now I am thinking of just doing 2 250 watt se or de mh in lumenaric reflectors with t-5s. Also using electronic ballasts. Not sure whether to do se or de or what is best. Seems like there are more bulb selection for se. But is de the way everything will go to in the future. Also wonder how the lumenaric vented reflectors work. Anyone know?

For a skimmer I have been thinking of an Euro-Reef RC500 but just recently premium aquatics has started carrying Bubble King skimmers. For approx. 500 bucks more I can get one of those comparable. Don't know what to do and don't know much about the Bubble King. Any help?

I plan on painting the room something to keep moisture penetration down and painting the support stand. Any ideas on what is best?

More questions to come. I am sure I probably put to many questions up here already. Please help with ideas and answers. I want to get this set up right in the first place.


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I think your return pump is don't need more than 4x/hour through the sump. I would use the smaller pumps to provide more random currents...have you considered the Tunze product line?

I used DE bulbs for a long time and prefer the SE bulbs because they are easier to work with and the reflectors for mogule bulbs do a better job at spreading light.

For skimmers, I seriously believe there is a point of diminishing returns when you get into the crazy high dollar brands...this is not a car show, just a reef tank...spend your money wisely here and don't break the bank:D

I have a large equipment room that I used oil-based primer and paint on, sealed all cracks in the floor and ceiling with silicone-based caulk and used 2" blueboard styrofoam for the ceiling to cut down on noise and prevent humidity from getting into the floorboards. There are a lot of considerations when designing the room...I should know as the last few years have had me building mine with the help of a couple close friends:lol: