wow is this sad


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I received shipment today of over 27 fish not a single one of them was in more then a cup of water fouled out(the bags where about 1/8th full).

Needless to say half the fish where dead on delivery and the other half are upside down ballooning in my tank fighting for there life's.

The heat packs probably didn't help much as it is a 89 degree day here today.

I paid the extra $10 for priority overnight and they where shipped standard overnight and took a ride all around Phoenix till this afternoon.

My best advise is to add more water to your bags, there is little to no chance of survival with such a small water volume. Your competitors ship in double the size bag and 10x's the water volume.

I can't help but to feel guilty supporting companies that handle animals this way.

The smallest fish in the order was shipped in the largest bag with black lining to help protect it from stress, unlike the others. This fish had 8x's as much water in it's bag then the 22 larger fish. The only deference was that this little fish cost $130 vs. the $20 fish.

We have a responsibility in this hobby and it goes way beyond a 14-day live grantee.


On a constructive note, please make it a policy to use larger bags with more water as it will give the fish a chance at least.

And im not saying this is your standard way of doing business but you need to take a close look at what's going on in your shipping/packing department.


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27 fish wow thats a lot to add at once! That could really screw up a nitrogen cycle unless you have a monster tank that is very well established, multiple tanks, or all the fish ordered are super tiny.
Sorry that happened. :(


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I think one box came from cali with a couple frags and a .5" goby.
That shipment was packed perfectly.

It's the threadfins that was sad, they barely had enough water to keep them 100% submerged. And I belive this shipment to have come from Wisconsin.


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Kevin and I will research this. To my knowledge there has not been a school of Threadfins such as this in our Wisconsin facility. I could be wrong but Kevin will follow through.
We will get to the bottom of it. Would you please post your order # ?


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Thank you for letting us know of your concern and I apologize for the inconvenience. I spoke directly to the manager of our California facility that pulled your order and checked all bag sizes verses fish shipped. All fish were sent one per bag with a 25% water to 75% oxygen ratio per bag. The ¾-1 ¼” Barnacle Blenny shipped in a 7” bag, the ¾ - 1 ¼” Longspine Cardinalfish were each in a 6” bag, the Sexy Anemone Shrimp who are ¼ - ¾” were each in a 6” bag, the ¾-1 ¼” Neon Blue Gobies were each also in a 6” bag. The Hermit Crabs were shipped in one 10” bag together. These bags were separated into two separate boxes. The 25% water ratio to oxygen is proven effective and healthy for shipping live fish. In larger bags this ratio will be different as the surface area of the water is greater.

I have personally expressed your dissatisfaction to the manager of our shipping facility and he will further look into this situation. We listen to our customers and will ship in larger bags if requested.

We determine if heat packs are needed by looking at each states two-day weather forecast. If there are low overnight temperatures then we will ship the order with heat packs which will regulate the temperature inside the box overnight. Ice packs are included if there are high temperatures in the shipping area.

Tracking your package shows that it was delivered at 11:39am when your priority time listed with FedEx is 4:30pm. I apologize that you were unsatisfied and would certainly be able to credit you for the extra priority shipping charge as you may not have been fully informed of this timeframe.

The Griessingei Goby, Green Bali Slimer and Chips Acropora came from our Rhinelander Aquacultured Coral and Marine Life Facility. I am happy to hear you received that shipment in good condition.

Please keep us posted as to the condition of your fish and know that we stand behind our warranty and will assist you with any losses.

The livelihood of fish is our primary concern and that is why we listen to our customers’ suggestions and implement changes. I appreciate you expressing your concern and assure you we will further evaluate this situation.

Jaimie A
Manager of LiveAquaria


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Something is not right here. Please let Kevin and me deal with this order and personally handle any possible credits.

Thank you, Race Foster, D.V.M.


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Thank you for looking into this.
your records are exactly correct. The bands where placed about 6" offering the fish between 1" to 1.5" of water depth coming out to about 25%. If or when the bags/box where placed side ways the fish hardly had the ability to even swim. They where shipped in about 4 .oz of water.

I may be wrong, but I don't belive this was enough water volume to allow any type of chemical/biological buffers, let alone physical stress for these animals.

I don't know the statistics using this method, this may be an isolated case.

DR Foster,
Thank you for looking into this. Possible credits are nice, but my main concern is for the well being of our wet friends.


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I sincerely apologize for the problems and frustration you experienced with your shipment of aquatic life from The threadfin cardinals had shipped from our aquatics center in California, and the packaging of your fish was unacceptable from there, based on the outcome to your door.

I can assure you that this is an isolated incident, and not the norm for us, as you may well see based on the feedback here on RC in regards to our packaging and condition of shipments upon arrival.

The health and well being of the aquatic life we ship is our primary concern, and what happened with your order is unacceptable.

I can assure you that I will personally get to the bottom of this today, and correct this situation immediately. Something went drastically wrong with your order and it will be corrected immediately.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kevin Kohen
Director of LiveAquaria
Drs. Foster and Smith