wrasse recommendations for a 265 gallons


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I love wrasses, would like to get idease on which wrasses i can keep in my tank. What recomendations do you have aside from putting a cover.

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So much more info needed. :spin2:

Will it be a reef or fowlr? What other fish are you planning? Sandbed? How deep? Do you want a peaceful or more aggressive tank? Do you want the wrasse to perform any housekeeping chores (pest control, etc.)? Answers to those questions should get the ball rolling.

For my part, I like more peaceful fish. I love leopard and Halichoeres wrasses. Flashers are also awesome. And I love my little possum, too.

Good luck.:wavehand:


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if you plan on having a sand bed in there a corris wrasse is the allyellow one that you liked in my tank- now that mines big he has the orange and green lines acros his face which is phenominal. radiant wrasses also get these lines and are a nice combo because they will go around foraging threw the sand and rocks for pods. For flashers just about any flasher wrasse you see is reef safe. if i were you i would personally go with anthias and wrasses. with such a large tank it would be perfect for schools of them and throwing in a cube a few times a day will support them nutritionally. The wrasses in our area are alot more harder to get to live unless you qt them- alot of them come in with flukes and are stressed so fresh water dipping would be alittle harsh. you deff wanna make sure they eat int he store tho because if they dont there then they has a slim chance.


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if you plan on keeping clams and sps in the future you will have to be very decisive on the angle fish types.


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You must know that you have numerous Wrasses to choose from. Which ones depend on the amount of aggression the fish will bring. That being said, a Thalassoma sp. ( also known as "Banana wrasses) would be ideal, aside from killing clams, snails. and hermit crabs. But alas, no vegans in this family. Sps. include Lunare, Bluehead, Kuezzinger's. Many Coris to chose from. Melanurus Terminal Phase are beautiful also.
On the more peaceful side, Fairy and flasher wrasses can be kept in groups in that big bad tank of yours..
Or.. :)