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That is funny i was just going to post this in a little while, just saw it less than 10 mins ago :lol:. I thought he was awesome but the picture looks a little color enhanced or photoshopped because if you look at his eye the colors are in it (in the pupil area). Curious on what the otheres thought on this.....


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danorth, it reminded me of a broomtail also. Just more reddish markings on the face area. Beautiful fish, I just hope whoever buys him can provide him with a very large home.


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Im with you on the photoshop pic...but if this is it's true colors its simply AMAZING!!.... I saw one of these this past weekend at my LFS ( 1 1/2 hrs away) and it must have been a female b/c it was mostly gray. I could be wrong but i think im right. Nice fish!


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Wow it is absolutely stunning,
I am pondering upon purchasing him ....
The only thing stopping me is the price ....

Does anytone think its worth the 499$$ they're asking ???
Should I go for it ??
What do you think ????
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Cheilinus trilobatus after looking through a list.........the colors are too much, but still a cool fish. I'd offer them half that though if serious.


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Fishfreak, I would call them and find out if it's a male and how long they had the wrasse for. The markings on the wrasse are amazing, but like danorth, I searched around the web and the pictures I found, that wrasse looks like he is more gray in color. I would see if they can take another photo and e-mail it to you. Either way it's a cool looking fish. It's worth the price if you are into that family of wrasses. Keep us posted on what you decide to do.