wrasses and sand


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Probably, yes, but I don't have a specific fish in mind.
What i'm looking for is a pair or trio for a 75. Would prefer ones that don't sleep in the sand since i don't really have sand, and the info i'm finding seems to be spotty on it. Need to be of the smaller variety and reef safe. the tank is covered, but i'd prefer ones that aren't notorious for jumping, given I'd rather not test the cover.


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Not a wrasse expert by any means, but I don't think any if the fairy or flasher wrasses are sand sleepers.


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Pseudocheilinus genus (i.e. sixline) doesn't usually bury; but I'm pretty sure ALL wrasses jump.


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thanks for the info. as i said, the tank is covered.. but given the option i'd choose non jumpers as opposed to those that are notorious for jumping. all fish will jump in the right scenario, so i have a cover, just would rather not be testing it on a regular basis :)