WTB 10 gal ASAP


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Need an extra tank as I'm attached to my goby but he constantly kills my acro's by perching on them.

Looking for a 10 gallon as soon as possible as he's been banished to a temporary holding qt bucket.

Preferably something cheap, or I can trade you a frag your call.



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thats too far, i was going to offer up a 10 gallon but you are going to spend half its value on gas.


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I have one that I was usiing as a top off tank and I can meet you tomorrow. I live near 355 & 55. $10. PM me if you are interested.


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Got one in Medinah that I'd trade for a frag, I will be in Lombard between 10am to 2pm and can bring the tank with me...


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I'm in elmhurst. I will trade for a frag. I have a clean 10 gal or a dirty 15 gal tall. Both have perfect seals.