WTB 24-55G tank set up


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looking to buy a 24-55 gallon saltwater tank set up, no larger than 55 though. The more that comes with it the better but I need it to come with most of the basic pumps skimmer etc...


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I have a 44 pentagon corner tank (non rr) I would sell. It would work for softies good as is. Right now it has a coralife lunarlight 2X65 on it with cable connections and an emporer 280 and 2 heaters. I'd sell for 225. I'd sell it with a 175 mh pendant and an XM 10,000K or hamilton 14,000K for 275.


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I have a 40 gal tank with 20 gal sump and pump, this also comes with lights, icecap 175 MH amd a icecap 430 VHO with bulbs.
also has some live rock and some softies askin $300 FOR ALL


I don't have a full setup, but I do have a Remora skimmer that would work great for 24-55g. It comes with MaxiJet 1200 and skimmer box, asking $90.


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wow thanks for all the replies so quick. let me think these options over... also Im new here, how do I get to the cmas board