WTB 24w T5s


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I'm looking to buy a 24w T5 fixture. I don't care if its DIY or just a regular fixture. Let me know if you have one that you won't mind selling.
Thanks Jas.


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I have a 4 x 24w DIY fixture. Good quality individual reflectors, though they do have a bit of salt spray. Yours for $50 or I'll consider trading for corals.


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I have a few 24 watt to bulbs that you can have if you want. They are no name brand bulbs 2-10k and 2-actinic bulbs that came with a fixture I bought and swapped out for ati bulbs. They are new and if you want them you can have them. They would make good spare bulbs I would imagine


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Bump... I screwed Jas by offering to sell him a light and it turns out I have no idea where it is. :( Anybody else have something for him?


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Has I have two SLR's, two old bulbs(blie plus and some kind of 12k bulb).... Some wiring possibly a ballast all for a grand total of Free99!!! Oh snaps lol

Hit me up foo!