wtb 25-50 lbs live rock


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I am in need of around 25-50 lbs of live rock from an established tank. If anyone is breaking down a tank and has some rock to sell i could use it. Thanks


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www.premiumaquatics.com sells cured rock by the pound. if requested they will hand pick it for ya'!
its pretty much from an established tank, i believe they store it in 600G tanks until its cured.
all the rock ive bought from them was as they described it on their page.
they sell many different types of LR also, better variety than most on-line wholesellers!


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Its all mixed ,
fiji florida.
its been in my tank for years, just bought a new tank and didnt use it all.


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Where do you live and would you be okay with me taking only 50? One last thing...has it been out of water? What I mean is, does it need to be fully cured?


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I would be interested in 50lbs, but I won't be able to pick it up until next Sat. Please let me know if that would work.