WTB ~300G Peninsula Tank


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Hello all,

I'm getting some quotes for a glass and acrylic ~300G peninsula tank, but wanted to see if anyone has an used tank sitting around. Not looking to break the bank with this one just want more space for larger fishes to swim in. I will eventually sell my current tank (Leemar 150G peninsula) so could do a cash/swap as well. Looking for 84x36x24. Thanks for looking and if you have some info please text me at 9096184828!



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I think another member bullitr was selling his ~400g acrylic peninsula tank a few months back. Not sure if it is still available or if you can fit that monster.


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Thanks Jim! I pinged him and it was already sold. It was a bit longer than I can fit so I guess that worked out. I wouldn't mind a 400G thought if it fits!