WTB: 6 ft. tank Prefer a 125, tank and stand only


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I have a brand new 150 gal 4' x 2' x 30" reef ready never seen water. A used bottom stand in black. A used black hood with two 175 mh fixtures with bulbs, 12 t5 fixtures with bulbs, and two cooling fans. The bulbs all work. Im located in melrose park. $750.00 708-372-6000

Reading fail huh? :) He asked for a 6ft tank with no equipment.


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Thanks for all the replies! I ended up getting a used tank, stand and canopy from a fellow reefer on here. Tank wasn't really what I wanted but I really liked the stand so I couldn't pass it up. Then I see Living Seas had a special on a new Perfecto 125RR (with the overflows in the corner like I like) so I couldn't pass it up and had to order one HAHA. So come Friday I'll have 2 125RR and 1 stand and canopy HAHA. Plus all the other equipment I buy thinking that I want at the time and then can't sell when I realize I don't need it and/or change my mind, which happens ALOT!!! Fun stuff!