WTB 72" light for a fish only tank


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WTB 72" light for a fish only tank not sure what I want let me know what you have and how much.
Thanks Eric


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If you have 2 dividers you can use 3- 24" lights.
I have a 150g FOWLR with 3- jebo lights from Aquatraders.
These lights have atinic and 10k at 55w each.
Cheap like $30.00 each This was over a year ago so not sure what they have.

Good luck

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have a canopy? You can pick up a cheap ge ballast at hd and wire in some endcaps. Believe they work for t8 and t12 NO bulbs.


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Let me check out in the garage....I think I still have the 2-36" fixtures from back in my FO days...they came with that Oceanic 135...haha

Funny how things go around...


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Nope, I think I still have the original NO florescent fixture that came with the tank originally. The PC's came later!